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Outdoor Learning Opportunities: 

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After School Wednesdays

5-12 year olds

School Field Trip

Home School

Enrichment Tuesdays

7-12 year olds

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Summer Camp Sessions

Final Green Red Illustrative Community Garden Day Instagram Post-2.png

After School


5-12 year olds


Childcare for Women in the Woods with Nature Connect/Three Pines Project

August 7th

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Science in the


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Extend Your Learning

Summer Series

6 Tuesdays 

5-8 year olds


Literacy Tutoring

Digging in the Dirt

At Wild eARTh Wonder we will dig below the surface as we discover what lives beneath the soil. This ensures that what grows above the soil is healthy and nourishing. Wonder friends will learn what makes soil healthy and rich for abundant harvests. 

Global Awareness

Wonder friends will explore garden insects and birds. Where do they go in the winter? How far does a hummingbird or butterfly travel? Do bees live on all continents? Why are they so important to our planet?   

Nature's Helpers 

We will explore how all the creatures in the garden are necessary and need each other to thrive. There are many symbiotic relationships in nature. How does this work? Do the trees need us like we need them? What might look like a pest to us could be an invitation for another beneficial species to enter the ecosystem.

Cultivating the Earth

What does it mean to cultivate a space? The Earth needs cultivating much like our minds need cultivating. How are we related to the soil we grow our food in? Do we want clean, healthy soil just like we want clear and healthy minds? How do we achieve optimum growing conditions for ourselves and our plants? 

Garden Guests and Pests

We will learn and explore how to invite in beneficial garden guests and how to deter garden pests. Setting boundaries is an important part of gardening. Wonder friends will learn how to apply boundary setting to their everyday lives. Who do we welcome in, and how do we gently encourage unwanted guests to leave. 

Sowing Seeds and Harvesting

Wonder friends  will learn when and how to sow seeds. We will use the seasons as our planting and growing guides. What we plant in one season, we harvest in another. Planning and tuning into the cycles of nature will be our guiding compass. 

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